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Model EC4U

Electric Sideloader






The U-shaped frame is torsion resistant and creates a very sturdy unit of welded design.  The operator is comfortably seated facing toward the center of the load.  The mast travels on replaceable reach rails and bearings between the generously dimensioned outrigger legs (platforms).



Two U.S. manufactured heavy duty DC motors with a performance of 4 hp (each) are vertically mounted and electrically connected in a series.  Each motor drives a bevel gear transmission, which in turn connects to the drive shaft.


DC Motor Controls

The two traction motors and the pump motor are controlled by state of the art microprocessor (MOSFET) technology.  All electrical parameters are individually programmable.  This motor-control features plugging and regen control (regeneration of electrical energy during causing and plugging).



The Quaddro is equipped with two large drive wheels featuring polyurethane tires.  Rubber tires are available as an option.  The four load wheels are also equipped with polyurethane tires of the same durometer rating of 92 shore.  Each pair of load wheels are mounted to a load wheel assembly, and each pair of load wheels are engineered to articulate, and thus designed to provide some compensation for uneven floor conditions.



The service brake consists of two disc type brakes which apply brake force to the motor shafts.  At maximum speed, the loaded Quaddro comes to a stop within a braking distance of less than 6 feet.  The plugging feature will also assist in braking the truck.  The push button controlled parking mode secures the Quaddro safely in its parking position.



The Quaddro is a true 4-way reach truck with all-wheel-steering capability.  In length-ways travel direction, the steering represents a double-end steering.  In the lateral travel direction, only the load wheels are steered.  The operator flips the switch (directional control lever) in the desired travel directions, depresses the foot accelerator and the Qaddro will begin moving in the direction selected.  Indicator lights show the operator which travel mode has been selected.

By pushing a dash mounted push button, the operator also can select the circle mode, and the truck will turn within it's own length ("turns on a dime").



The generously dimensioned gear pump os nested inside the hydraulic tank.  The main hydraulic motor is U.S. manufactured and has a performance of 15 hp.  It is easily accessible and fan cooled of optimum efficiency.  A sight gauge makes checking the oil level and easy routine.  Due to load sensing technology all hydraulic functions and the steering functions are tied into a priority circuit, which continuously maintains priority to the steering hydraulics.

The standard hydraulic functions consist of lift, reach, fork tilt, and frame tilt.  The unique frame tilt allows for the correction of mast deflection at high lift heights, and may compensate for slightly uneven floor conditions to reduce stress to the frame.



The mast is a sturdy and extra wide design (34 1/2 inches), built to handle off center loads.  Two lift chains guarantee extra safety.  The mast travels in and out by means of a hydraulic reach cylinder.



The Qaddro is easy to maintain.  Self diagnostics, easy access to brushes, filters, electrical components and other check points turn service on this truck into a normal and easy routine.


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