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Model HX

Diesel or LPG Sideloader





Floor Hugging Axle System 

The floor hugging axle system is created by means of cylinders mounted in connection with the load wheels.  This allows the platform of the Prime to tilt up and down, which provides the Prime with many additional features, such as aiding in the pick up of loads on uneven ground.  In addition, the use of these platform tilt cylinders creates minimum frame distortion.  Because the hydraulic cylinders are connected not only to the main hydraulic pump, but to each other as well, they function as a shock absorption system creating an "always four point stance" whereby all four wheels are kept on the ground despite uneven ground conditions.  This sideloader is designed to present a low center of gravity, thereby providing excellent weight distribution when loaded as well as when empty.  In addition, as the platform raises and lowers, the vertical plane of the upright also changes in degree of angle, allowing the operator to compensate for mast deflection by tilting the platform to maintaining a vertical state, which also results in forks which are kept square to the floor.


Wide Well

Allows for maximum fork adjustment and off-center load pick-ups! Accommodates extra wide mast.


Tight Turns

The compact and short design in conjunction with a 72 degree steer angle allows for excellent maneuverability in tight spots.


Compact Drive

Sound-absorbing, below deck installed engine and hydrostatic drive train gives excellent visibility and superb weight distribution.



A wide range of tires are available: 

Pneumatic tires
Super elastic tires
Super-soft tires


Operator Comfort and Safety

Operator comfort and safety is one of many Baumann trademarks.


Sideloaders Save Space

Sideloaders save space. The transportation and the stacking of long loads is done without the 90 degree turn a regular forklift requires.



Frame Tilt

The frame tilt cylinders are mounted underneath the platforms for improved operator's comfort. Their in-line arrangement prevents mast and truck from twisting.


Operator Visibility

Excellent all-around operator visibility to the rear is an important safety feature.



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