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Model GS

Diesel Sideloader






The rigid, high walled sideloader chassis, made of welded construction, is defined by a support member constructed of a rectangular shaped box and two box shaped side members each with inner supports to ensure maximum strength. The rounded corners of the chassis increase the forklift's maneuverability as well as its operational safety. In addition, load protection plates are fitted to the chassis exterior.



The Perkins 1006.6 six cylinder diesel engine comes complete with a 1.5 gallon capacity water cooled block. The power output is 85 kilowatts at 2300 r.p.m., fueled by an economical direct fuel injection system. This engine has excellent cold starting characteristics, which combined with low exhaust emissions and low noise levels to produce a solid and reliable power plant for this diesel forklift.


Cooling System

To aid in the cooling of the heavy duty industrial motor and transmission, the Prestige comes equipped with a high performance radiator which includes an integrated transmission oil cooler.



This unit includes an automatic power shift transmission with torque converter and electrical pilot control. Using a directional lever located inside the driver's cabin, the operator can easily select between forward and reverse directions. The transmission for this diesel sideloader is designed to automatically shift from first to second gear when the Prestige reaches approximately one half of its maximum driving speed. A safety feature requires that the engine be placed in the neutral position prior to starting, thereby eliminating any unintentional wear and tear on the transmission, and an inching valve is included to provide the operator with precise control over the movement of this industrial diesel forklift.


Output Drive

The transmission output shaft is connected to the intermediate transmission by means of multiple roller chains which are continually lubricated in an oil bath. This configuration then transfers the power from the output shaft to the drive shaft and differential.


Drive Axle

The Premier uses a swing axle with differential. Gear reduction is accomplished in the wheel hubs by means of a series of planetary gears.


Steering Axle

A full floating axle with stub axles mounted on roller bearings comprises the steer axle system for this sideloader. This modern design utilizes a double action central cylinder. The maximum steering angle of 75 degrees can be achieved with only six revolutions of the steering wheel.



The Prestige is outfitted with a four wheel hydraulically power assisted braking system. The drum style brakes utilize brake shoes with an extra large surface area to maximize contact with the drum surface and insure complete braking control of the forklift. In addition to the primary braking system, a hydraulic spring actuated parking brake ensures stability when the operator is required to leave the driver's cabin.


Frame Tilt

Two hydraulic cylinders are mounted in pendulum fashion on both of the this diesel sideloader's load platforms to provide compensation when traveling over uneven surfaces. In addition to being connected to the main hydraulic pump to provide tilting of the entire load platform for load stabilization, these two cylinders are connected together as well, so that when the forklift is moved over an uneven surface, the upward or downward motion of one of the platform wheels will produce the opposite effect in the other platform wheel, thereby stabilizing the platform. This four wheel suspension system keeps all four wheels on the ground at all times and provides unprecedented stability even during high lifting. This special feature can be found only on a Baumann side loading forklift truck.


Hydraulic System

The Prestige uses two hydraulic circuits, one for the steering system and one for the main hydraulic functions, each with a separate toothed-wheel drive pump. To facilitate easier maintenance, the two circuits share a common hydraulic tank made of rigid welded construction, with integrated baffle plates to add to the forklift's overall stability.



Made from Baumann designed, cold drawn geometric profiles, the specially designed telescopic sideloader uprights are available in standard duplex, full free lift or triple stage designs. They are each fitted with angled upright rollers mounted in roller bearings to absorb both axial and radial load pressures. The profiles of the Baumann uprights are widely spaced to provide maximum stability and a long service lift.


Upright Traverse (Reach)

The traverse movement of the upright is handled by two hydraulic cylinders mounted to the frame wall. Upright guidance is maintained by extremely long sliders which provide accurately synchronized movement. The upright then moves smoothly along the channel on easily replaceable sliding blocks. The traverse cylinders are equipped with end-of-travel dampers, which decrease the speed of the upright's return movement during the last few inches of travel to provide for a smooth return of the mast to its fully retracted position.


Fork Carriage and Forks

The FEM class 3B fork carriage is made of high tensile strength material with four angled rollers. These rollers have been widely spaced to provide excellent load distribution, lower stress on the upright and a smooth overall operation. The forks are forged of heat treated steel and are tapered on the outer two thirds of the total fork length to facilitate the easy and safe pickup of all types of loads.


Driverís Cabin

Providing excellent all around visibility, the driver's cabin of this heavy duty diesel side loading forklift truck comes with fully tinted safety glass windows to reduce reflections and block ultra violet rays. The sliding driver's door provides easy access to the operator without interfering with operation by extending into the travel pathway. A heater is provided for cabin climate control, with a defroster to help keep visibility at its highest levels. The armored glass roof is removable and serves as an emergency exit. The operational pedals are placed like that of an automobile. The ergonomic instrument panel aids in the easy and safe operation of the forklift by giving the operator quick access to all the units operational functions and status indicators, as viewed behind the sideloader's 14 inch diameter steering wheel. Both the steering wheel and the column are adjustable to suit the operator's reach. The comfortable hydraulically cushioned seat can be adjusted according to the operator's weight, and a panoramic rear view mirror is standard equipment, designed to increase overall visibility.


Electrical Equipment

The Prestige is wired by a 12 volt installation using a three phase alternator and a 110 Amp. hour battery. The alternator produces 55 Amps. The lighting system consists of two main headlights, turn signals, reverse lights, brake lights and a moveable spotlight mounted on the roof of the cabin. Hour meters are also standard equipment on this forklift powerhouse.


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