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Model GX

Diesel or LPG Sideloader





Trend Setting Design 

Great consideration has been given to ergonomics and operator comfort as major features of the new Baumann side loading forklift design.

Logically arranged controls are easy to reach and effortless to manage. The operator is free to fully concentrate on the task at hand which should result in enhanced performance.

For maximum safety the operator has clear and excellent vision towards both sides as well as to the rear-end and the front of the forklift. This unique design minimizes harm to people and damage to loads.

The low center of gravity in conjunction with the excellent weight distribution in loaded or empty condition provides for outstanding stability and operator comfort.



Engineered and designed for long loads; wide spaced sturdy special profiles provide for off-center stability and great visibility.


Great Stability

Due to low center of gravity, below deck drive train arrangement and self stabilizing, ground hugging frame tilt cylinder system.


Wide Frame Cut-Out

This allows for wide masts and good fork spacing for solid load support.



High visibility cab with tinted windows and easy access.



Design and comfort of the cab and the controls greatly affects productivity. Comfort starts with the ease of access to the workplace.



Credible quality can only be achieved through painstaking engineering of details and fundamentals

The Baumann built masts are of special manganese steel calibrated to Baumann specifications.

Symmetrical frame design reduces the length of the rear end of the truck which results in a tighter turning radius.

The engine reaches full torque at lower rpms which reduces fuel consumption, exhaust fumes and noise levels.




Pneumatic Tires, Super Elastic Tires and Soft Shoe Tires.


Engineered To Take On Any Challenge

Compact, powerful and maneuverable - the ideal characteristics for all applications.

For wood, steel, concrete, aluminum, plastic, long loads, bulky loads, manufacturing and wholesale.

The Premier - the right answer for your needs.



Distinct Baumann Advantages

Baumann Masts

Designed and manufactured by Baumann to meet the special demands for long load handling.


Space Saving

Transportation and storage of long loads in tight spaces. Safety, speed and quick access to all loads without 90 degree turns. Also optional available deep reach attachments.


Baumann Design

The Baumann Premier features distinct advantages, such as below deck engine, great balance, low noise levels and a patented axle suspension system to save man and machine from shocks caused by rough floor conditions.


Hydro Pneumatic Shock Absorption

Optional feature to reduce shocks and stress to loads, man and machine.


Swivel Seat

This optional feature reduces strain in the operator's neck and back. Improved safety and performance.


Excellent View

Low truck profile and outstanding cab design leads to optimal safety and all-around operator vision.



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