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Model EMS

Electric Sideloader





Basic Design 

A rigid welded chassis enables problem free working even under great loads. The driver's seat which is positioned so the driver is facing the forks and the main direction of travel enables the driver to work safely with a minimum fatigue. A wide frame well (1,600 mm) means the pallets can be picked up quickly either in a longitudinal or transverse direction.


Floor Hugging Axle System

The Cosmos has two drive units, a four point wheel suspension and two hydraulic leveling cylinders on the twin wheels on the load side. The classic Baumann self-aligning bearing using hydraulically connected hydraulic cylinders with a low center of gravity also serve to keep the upright vertical especially important when stacking heights are high in narrow aisles.



Hydraulic service brake and electrical regen braking act automatically if the brake pedal is used. Energy is regained, the brakes are subject to reduced wear. The parking brake is operated by means of a button.


Multidirectional Steering

All wheels are steered individually, designed for 10 steering programs such as: straight ahead, transverse and longitudinal travel, all wheel driver, diagonal travel (crab steering), ladder vehicle travel, stacker travel, circular travel and parking, assisted safety steering by a hydraulic accumulator, can be steered even if the hydraulic system fails.

The Baumann Sideloader Cosmos is designed with flexibility in mind. It offers a total of eleven different steering modes, including a circle mode and a full 360 degrees of crab steering. This sideloader is designed with an individual steering assembly mounted onto each of its four wheels. These steering assemblies consist of a hydraulic motor connected by a steering chain to a sprocket and bearing assembly. For the two platform wheels, this assembly turns a dual wheel system mounted on a tandem axle, and for the two drive wheels, the Cosmos uses a larger single molded polyurethane wheel mounted to a Hurth HP500 transmission and powered by an electric drive motor. Since an individual hydraulic motor controls each of the wheel assemblies, the Cosmos is able to provide the operator with steering flexibility. Not only can the operator choose between two or four wheel steering in either sideloader or regular forklift modes, but he can also select which pair of wheels are to provide the steering. For example: An operator can select four wheel steering in regular forklift mode to provide the responsive steering necessary to pick up and awkwardly positioned load. Then, once the load is sitting on the platforms, the operator can switch to sideloader mode using two-wheel steering. By choosing the two wheels away from the driverís cabin as the steering wheels, the Cosmos drives much like a car. This enables the Cosmos to move quickly over a long distance and at a higher speed without the jerkiness that often accompanies four-wheel steering. Once the load is delivered, the operator can press a button to select the other two wheels as the steer wheels, push the joystick in the opposition direction, and without turning the chassis of the sideloader, head back in the reverse direction. Imagine the advantage if you could pull your car into your driveway, push a button and have the front wheels move into a straight position and the back wheels do the steering as you back out again into the street, then push another button and the steering returns to the front wheels. This is exactly what the Cosmos can do.

In addition to the two and four wheel steering options, the Cosmos offers steering modes for simply going straight where no steering is allowed, as well as crab steering which turns each of the four wheels at the same time and to the same degree of angle. This allows the Cosmos to move toward or away from an area without rotating the chassis of the sideloader. These modes combined with the circle mode, a signature feature of every Baumann Electric Sideloader which allows the Cosmos to turn in a complete circle, comprise the complete array of standard steering options. But the options donít stop there. The Cosmos is available with several different configurations for the driverís cabin. Sit down driverís cabins are available with the driver facing the load, with the driver facing the battery end of the sideloader, or with the driver facing at a diagonal between the load and the battery. Stand up configurations are also available with the driver facing either the battery end of the Cosmos or the load.


Electronic Control

Integrated drive and lift control using MOSFET technology. All functions are microprocessor controlled and can be set individually using a hand set. Equipped with a regen braking system and plug braking as standard. Fault indication and analysis can be displayed. Tuning the control system to suit specific site requirements is possible by a hand set. Battery and temperature control as well as acceleration and speed ramps enable optimum performance and battery shift life.


Driver's Cabin

Spacious driver's seat good vision onto and around the vehicle, tested in compliance with EN 1726-1, cabin with rubber mountings and excellent all around vision, guard to protect the cabin from loads on the side and on the roof of the cabin. Automotive pedal arrangement, the operating controls have been positioned ergonomically for easy and safe operation, operating hours counter as well as control indicators, discharge indicator and battery emergency off switch are positioned on the dashboard.

Easy access on the side of the vehicle, if necessary cab access from the rear of the vehicle can be specified. Comfortable seat, fully sprung, adjustable for position height and operator weight.



Baumann Electric Four Way Sideloaders have been de≠veloped to be as easy to maintain as possible. All com≠ponents are easily accessible. An electronic diagnostics system simplifies trouble shooting and reduces mainte≠nance or repair times. Qualified mobile fitters are also available near you.

We reserve the right to make changes in terms of technical developments. The figures and photographs may also show special accessories which are not included as standard.



Two high performance electrical motors with 6 kW each = 12 kW, arranged on the battery side as motor in wheel units. Here too, changing direction from forwards to reverse is possible safely while in motion.



A four point support, two driving wheels and four load bearing wheels with connected leveling cylinders enable the Cosmos to be used on uneven ground too. Optimum upright distribution results in reduced floor point loading. Excellent stability at all lift heights. The hydro-leveling cylinders also enable the platform to be inclined upward or downwards.


Hydraulic System

Together with the hydraulic components, short runs of large bore pipe favor efficient flow of hydraulic fluid to ensure the optimum use of energy. All hydraulic components are easily accessible. The control valves guarantee sensitive, precise operation of all hydraulic functions. The hydraulic oil is filtered continuously by easily accessible flow and return line filters. The level of hydraulic oil can be easily checked on the hydraulic tank, test port connections to the hydraulic pump and control valves simplify maintenance work.



A telescopic upright specially developed for a Sideloader available as a 2-stage standard free lift, 2-stage full free lift or 3-stage upright; manufactured from slender, special alloy steel profiles designed by Baumann for improved visibility. Angled upright rollers with rolling bearings to take axial and radial loads. Wide upright profiles guarantee maximum stability and service life.


Upright Reach

The horizontal transverse of the upright is achieved using hydraulic cylinders in the frame well. As it is guided by extremely long sliders, accurate even movement is possible. Running rails can be renewed easily if required.


Lifting Cradle and Forks

Fork carriage made of high-strength steel with four angled rollers. The spacing between the rollers ensures that the load is distributed evenly within the upright for smooth operation. Fork carriage in compliance with class FEM 3. Forks made of forged alloy steel.


Optional Equipment

Full free lift and 3 stage uprights. Hydraulic fork tilt +5' /2o. Hydraulic adjustment of forks in the frame well. Foldable forks, knife type forks. Wide carriage with hy≠draulically adjustable forks. Height pre-selection.

Guide Rollers

Mechanical guide rollers fitted on eccentric bolts on both sides, for quick adjustment.


72 Volt standard batteries, 36 cells with a capacity of 625 Ah -5 PzS are available. Battery discharge indicator with electronic lift interrupt to prevent the battery from being totally discharged.


All common models available upon request.


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