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LPG or Diesel Sideloader
6,600 to 8,800 lbs.


LPG or Diesel Sideloader
11,000 to 15,000 lbs.


LPG or Diesel Sideloader
18,000 to 33,000 lbs.


4-Way Electric Sideloader
4,400 to 15,000 lbs. Capacity

4-Way Electric Sideloader
up to 6,600 lbs. Capacity

LPG or Diesel MultiLoader
6,000 to 22,000 lbs. Capacity


Sideloaders handle long materials efficiently through narrow doorways and aisles. A sideloader truck picks the long load from the side, lifts and retracts it onto the sideloader’s bed and transports it lengthways within the warehouse, plant, or in the yard.

Sideloaders, more correctly described as Sidelifts, are available in electric, diesel and LPG propulsion.

All electric sideloaders have four-way multidirectional capability by turning all wheels 90 degrees. This enables the sideloader to drive and steer in normal forklift mode, as well as in the side loader direction.

Alpha Sidelifts offers Baumann Sideloaders in wide capacity ranges and specifications with electric, diesel and LPG propulsion. Good used sideloaders are available as well.

Omega Lift MultiLoaders are offered and available in diesel or LPG. All Omega Lift All MultiLoaders have four-way, multidirectional combilift capability.

Alpha Sidelifts specializes in long load material handling by consulting plant and warehouse managers in order to find the most efficient and economical solutions to all sideloader applications. We support our customers through an extensive forklift dealer network.

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Please take advantage of our substantial knowledge in handling long and bulky materials. Benefit from our experience reaching back to 1983.